LIU LIS is an artist who lives and works in Moscow.

Thanks to self-knowledge and the artistic implementation of her own experience through paints, she reflects the explored world in which there is no space-time. Each painting creates its own model of the world, in accordance with which the image of reality is built in the mind.

LIU LIS studies spirituality, feelings, traumas, the state of people and creates works destroying the boundaries of the human form outlined by nature. She modifies a person, expanding the physiological possibilities, going beyond the limits of logic.

The artist currently explores the boundaries between fine art and street culture, working with spray paint and acrylic markers on paper and canvas.

Randomness in the works is as significant as the intention of the author, they are a chaotic hallucination, which reflects the atmosphere of time.

LIU LIS artworks are in private collections around the world.